Guenever W

Hi, I’m Guenever! I have completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for the senior phase and have amassed 13 years of formal teaching experience. Throughout my career, I have facilitated learning in classes ranging from 1 to 90 students, adapting to various educational environments and needs. My teaching journey has taken me to South Korea, where I taught conversational English, and back home, where I disseminated the CAPS curriculum to neurodivergent students in a remedial setting.

As a tutor, I aim to create a supportive and engaging learning atmosphere that caters to the unique needs of each student. I believe in the importance of fostering a love for learning and helping students build confidence in their abilities. By incorporating interactive and personalized teaching methods, I strive to make the learning experience both enjoyable and effective.

In my spare time, I enjoy indulging in creative pursuits like making my own jewelry and writing. These hobbies allow me to express myself and unwind. Additionally, I am an avid Star Wars fan and love diving into the rich universe of its stories and characters. This blend of creativity and passion enriches my approach to tutoring, making it a fulfilling and dynamic experience for my students.

MaryLynn K

Hi, I’m MaryLynn Kemp, and I have completed a B.Ed Honours in Computer Integrated Technology and a B.Ed in Intermediate Phase Teaching. With my background as a qualified teacher and extensive tutoring experience, I have developed a strong foundation in supporting both teachers and students to achieve their academic goals.

I have also had the rewarding experience of working with special needs students, such as assisting a young student with a cochlear implant to better understand class instructions. I am skilled at engaging young students who have low concentration spans, ensuring they stay focused and succeed in their learning. As a tutor, my goal is to provide extra support to both the teacher and the child, helping them excel in their educational journey.

I am patient, persistent, and methodical in my approach, ensuring that information is conveyed clearly and comprehensively. My interactive style includes continuously testing students’ knowledge as we progress, making the learning experience both engaging and effective. In my spare time, I enjoy nurturing my love for plants and animals, indulging in poetry and ballroom dancing, and sharing good food and company with friends.

Kwanda D

Hello, I’m Kwanda, currently immersed in completing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. My academic journey began with a stellar performance in my matric year, where I achieved seven distinctions, including 100% in Mathematics and outstanding results in subjects like Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and languages. These achievements not only demonstrate my mastery of the subjects but also my knack for making complex concepts understandable. As your tutor, I specialize in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences, drawing upon my solid foundation of knowledge and dedication to guide you toward academic excellence.

Currently in my third year of the MBChB program at UCT, I continue to deepen my understanding of the sciences while maintaining a passion for teaching and learning. Beyond academia, I find joy in baking and unwinding with movies. Join me on this educational journey, where I’ll not only help you grasp challenging concepts but also inspire you to reach your full potential.

Janis T

Hi there, I’m Janis, and I hold an M.Ed in Environmental Education. With a passion for both education and children, I’ve been tutoring since 1992 when I began teaching English in Taiwan. From tutoring youths in South African townships on environmental issues to assisting primary school children with all subjects and high school students in languages, my experience spans a diverse range of learners. As a parent of two high school sons in Fish Hoek, I understand the importance of patience and innovation in tutoring. I strive to make learning enjoyable by incorporating a mix of written activities, interactive tasks, quizzes, and more, tailored to each student’s needs.

Join me on a journey where learning meets fun! Together, we’ll navigate through the essential work while integrating child-friendly tasks to enhance understanding. With buckets of patience and a wealth of innovative tutoring techniques, I’m committed to fostering an engaging and effective learning environment for your child. Let’s embark on this educational adventure together – watch this space for exciting progress!

Eldonna M

Hello, I’m Eldonna, and I hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Cape Town. My dedication to academic excellence was evident in my matric year, where I achieved six distinctions, including standout performances such as 86% in English, 89% in Maths, 97% in Business Studies, 85% in Life Science, and 90% in Life Orientation.

With tutoring experience since 2017, my approach is centered on empowering students and helping them unlock their full potential. I am particularly passionate about children’s education and strive to make a meaningful difference in their academic journey. Beyond the world of law and education, my interests span a variety of creative pursuits. I find solace and joy in reading, expressing myself through writing, exploring my artistic side through painting, and creating rhythm with my bass guitar. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of my students while sharing my passion for learning and creativity.

Hajar A

Hello, I’m Hajar Ahjum-Mathee, currently pursuing a BSc in Medical Biosciences at the University of Western Cape. In my matric year, I achieved notable success with four distinctions, including an impressive 88% in Afrikaans, 83% in Life Orientation, 82% in Consumer Studies, and 84% in Life Science. With three years of tutoring experience under my belt, I bring a passion for education and a commitment to tailoring my teaching style to accommodate the unique learning needs of each student.

As a tutor, my goal is to provide unwavering support to my students, ensuring that they grasp concepts in a manner that resonates with their individual learning styles. I prioritize interaction and flexibility, adapting my approach to meet the specific needs of each learner. My extroverted nature has proven beneficial in establishing strong working relationships with all my clients, fostering an open and conducive learning environment. Beyond academics, I am actively involved in various Policy and Procedure networks, where I contribute to hosting and facilitating workshops and debates. These initiatives aim to empower school-going youth, encouraging their education and involvement in pertinent social issues. I am enthusiastic about teaching and thrive on working with students of all ages to foster a love for learning.

Nadia V

Hello, I’m Nadia Van Niekerk, and I am currently immersed in the exciting journey of completing a BEd Intermediate Phase with a focus on major subjects such as Mathematics and Natural Science & Technology. My academic journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence, exemplified by my achievement of distinctions during my matric year, including an outstanding 93% in Maths Literacy. This accomplishment reflects not only my proficiency in the subject but also my dedication to mastering the art of teaching and learning.

With three years of tutoring experience under my belt, I have honed my skills in imparting knowledge and fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. As a tutor, my primary objective is to share my major passion for teaching and learning. I believe that education is a transformative journey, and I am dedicated to instilling in my students the same enthusiasm and curiosity that has fueled my own academic pursuits. Through personalized and dynamic teaching methods, I strive to make complex concepts accessible and enjoyable, nurturing a love for learning that extends beyond the confines of the classroom.

Arya N

Hello, I’m Arya, and I’m currently on a path to complete my BSc in Medical Science at the University of Pretoria. In my matric year, I proudly achieved seven distinctions, including 83% in Afrikaans, 90% in Drama, 83% in English, 88% in Life Orientation, and 80% in both Life Science and Mathematics. What truly fuels my passion for tutoring is the joy I find in helping others succeed. It all started when I began assisting my peers, and I realized that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing students grow and excel in their studies. I have a genuine love for academics, and I believe that learning is a journey where both the tutor and the student can gain knowledge together. My greatest joy comes from helping individuals reach their full potential and achieve their academic goals.

Outside the realm of academics, I find enjoyment in staying active through sports like squash and paddle, which keeps me both physically and mentally fit. Additionally, I have a creative side, and I love finding a creative outlet in drawing and painting. These activities not only relax my mind but also provide a different perspective on problem-solving and thinking creatively. I look forward to sharing my love for learning and helping you succeed on your educational journey. Together, we can reach new heights in your studies!

Thabiso M

Hello, I’m Thabiso, and I’m delighted to introduce myself as a potential tutor. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with a deep passion for the field. My commitment to education and excellence has been evident throughout my academic journey, where I achieved seven distinctions in my matric year. Notably, I scored 83% in Maths, 95% in Life Orientation, 89% in Life Science, 89% in Physical Science, and 86% in Zulu. My journey into tutoring began informally during high school, where I helped many friends improve their grades.

As a tutor, my approach centers on open communication and adaptability. I believe in fostering an environment where students feel comfortable, allowing them to express their questions and concerns without hesitation. I’m patient, approachable, and fully committed to helping my students overcome academic obstacles and reach their full potential. In my free time, I find fulfillment in the practice of martial arts, which not only keeps me physically active but also helps me develop qualities of discipline and focus that I can pass on to my students.

Jason P

Hello, I’m Jason, and I’m eager to introduce myself as your potential tutor. With a solid educational background, I hold a 4-Year Bachelor of Education Degree in Intermediate and Senior Phase. Over the last 14 years, I’ve been dedicated to the field of education, starting as a classroom teacher and gradually climbing the ranks to Deputy Principal. I’m deeply passionate about what I do, firmly believing that everyone can offer valuable lessons in life.

My greatest strength as a tutor lies in my commitment to working with my students to achieve their desired goals. I’m known for going the extra mile to ensure their success. With a vast knowledge base spanning various learning areas, I’m enthusiastic about sharing this wealth of knowledge with my students. Beyond my professional life, I find joy in traveling, spending quality time with my family, engaging in sports, and nurturing my love for animals. These interests reflect my belief in a well-rounded and fulfilling life, and I’m excited to bring that perspective to my tutoring sessions.