English Tutors

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and understanding and communication in English is the foundation for any successful career. English is the medium of instruction at most tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad, making it essential for anyone studying further. An English tutor can improve your child’s marks.

We have many skilled English tutors who have excelled in English at school, and some have continued to study it at the university level. We can find one in your area to give your child the strong foundation they need.

English Curriculum

English is a crucial language in the modern world, opening the door to countless opportunities. The English curriculum in South Africa aims to provide students with solid foundations in reading, writing, and comprehension. Here are some critical areas we cover in our tutoring for grades 1-12:

Grade 1-3: Introduction to English

  • Learning the alphabet and basic phonics
  • Basic vocabulary and simple sentences
  • Introduction to reading

Grade 4-6: Developing English Skills

  • Grammar and sentence construction
  • Reading comprehension
  • Creative writing and spelling

Grade 7-9: Intermediate English

  • Advanced grammar and vocabulary
  • Analytical reading and writing
  • Introduction to English literature

Grade 10: Introduction to Advanced English

  • Exploring English literature, including poetry and prose
  • Advanced essay writing
  • Critical thinking and interpretation of texts

Grade 11: Advanced English Literature

  • In-depth study of classic and contemporary literature
  • Advanced composition and argumentative writing
  • Literary analysis and criticism

Grade 12: Mastery of English

  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Preparation for English examinations
  • Understanding the nuances of the English language

Our English tutors understand students’ challenges when learning or mastering languages. They are passionate about making English a fascinating and enjoyable journey for your child. Our tutors adapt their teaching approach to each student’s needs, ensuring comprehensive understanding.

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