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Learning styles studying methods

How to study most effectively based on your learning style

Get great results by using the best study methods for your learning style! We are all so unique in so many ways, and the way we learn (take in, retain and use information) is no different! Knowing your learning style will help you to determine the best way to study to achieve the results you […]

Getting great references

How to get Great Client Feedback and Glowing References

A strong, successful tutoring “career” is a valuable way to build up your CV, especially if you have little (or no) work experience. Even after you complete your studies and go out into the working world, many employers will look for relevant experience and good references on top of your qualifications. Tutoring as a part-time […]

Afrikaans tutor

Tutor of the Month: September 2018

Kinah W is our September 2018 Tutor of the Month! Kinah has been a BrightSparkz tutor since the beginning of 2018, assisting learners with Maths and Afrikaans. She is also one of our Afrikaans Boot Camp trainers!    Kinah matriculated from Potchefstroom High School for Girls in 2013, with excellent results all-round including 7 distinctions! […]

Exam accommodations

Everything You Need To Know About Exam Concessions

Concessions Facilitators seem to be the latest buzz trend in schools. Concessions facilitators can be very helpful to students requiring support in a variety of ways. This may bring you to some questions such as: What is a concessions facilitator? How do you go about applying to have a concessions facilitator? Once granted a concessions […]

Tutor of the Month: August 2018

Tarsha I is our August 2018 Tutor of the Month! Tarsha has been a BrightSparkz tutor since May 2018, assisting learners with Accounting, Maths, Geography and Afrikaans.    Tarsha matriculated in 2017 from Bryanston High School with excellent results all round, including 5 distinctions; she excelled in various aspects of her school career having received […]

big classroom

The Solution to Big Classrooms

Trying to gain an education in a big classroom can be a challenge. Many learners in South Africa are faced with the reality of attending a school where a class of 30 learners is the norm. Some learners regularly attend a school with 40 – 50 learners in the classroom! The reality of a classroom […]

Tutor of the Month: July 2018

Dimitri G is our July 2018 Tutor of the Month! Dimitri has been a BrightSparkz tutor since December 2017, assisting learners with Accounting, Maths, Business Studies and English.    Dimitri matriculated from Fairmont High School in 2013, with 7 distinctions! He has completed his BCom majoring in Business Management, and is currently busy with his Honours in […]

How to boost your third term results

Are you afraid of your report arriving? Your second term report has arrived, and your grades do not look good. In fact, your results are quite a shock!  Although you may have heard that marks drop in term two, this is worse than you expected. Your parents are not happy and are threatening to stop […]