Supplementary Exams

(Rewriting Your Matric)

Details regarding the combined June and November 2024 examination will be communicated to candidates in due course. Candidates are encouraged by the Department of Education to use this additional time to continue with their examination preparations. Find out more here. 

If you did not meet the pass requirements for one (or more) of your Matric subjects, you may qualify to rewrite your Matric.

According to the Department of Basic Education, you may qualify to take a Supplementary Exam (now called a second national exam) if any of the following criteria pertain to you:

  • You were medically unfit on the day of the exam
  • You do not meet admission requirements for Higher Education;
  • You experienced personal problems such as a death in the immediate family;
  • You were unable to write or complete an examination paper for other reasons, provided that a report is submitted by the Headmaster of your school

You may now apply to write a second national exam for as many subjects as you require, all of which you need to have written in your previous NSC exam attempt.

You may qualify to rewrite your Matric if:

  • You matriculated less than 5 years ago
  • You matriculated in 2023, but you did not meet the criteria for a supplementary exam
  • You wish to take a subject that you didn’t take in your previous NSC attempt

To rewrite your Matric, you need to enroll as a part time candidate for the NSC at a school (if you are under 21 years old), or at an Adult Education Center (if you are over 21 years old).

You may qualify for an Amended Senior Certificate if:

  • You matriculated more than 5 years ago OR you didn’t take the NSC exam
  • You are 21 years or older

To register to take a supplementary exam or rewrite your Matric, please contact your provincial education department. 

Read our December 2017 blog article here for more detailed information on supplementary exams. You’ll also find some useful information on our infographic, surrounding where you stand with regard to qualifying for and registering for a supplementary exam. If you’re not sure if you should consider retaking your Matric exams, read this blog article.

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