What Our Clients Say

“Our tutor, Jason, has been amazing. He is always available to go over and beyond what is expected. My son improved by 20% in his Maths prelims! As a Principal, I’ve worked with lots of tutoring companies and I ONLY recommend BrightSparkz. The fact that you spend the time getting the right tutor for every child is commendable.”

“Just to give you an update, my daughter has shown an incredible improvement in her test results. For English, she attained a mark of 71% and 70% for Geography. I can say with confidence that I made the right choice in choosing your company. Many thanks again to both Saaliha and Fathima for showing continued hard work and dedication.”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Ruan for all his efforts – he really was the best match for my son. They worked well together and he was able to explain Maths & Science in a new way that my son could understand. Thank you very much Ruan!”

“Our tutor Adriaan was a very interesting person and my daughter enjoyed working with him – she even acknowledged that ‘a light went on’. I have already recommended BrightSparkz Tutors to two people and will keep recommending you in the future! You have helped me and my daughter a lot – Thank you!”

“It has been such a pleasure working with BrightSparkz! No matter my request, I was always accommodated and assisted accordingly. My queries and requests were always attended to swiftly! I have generally enjoyed working with them and felt like such an important client! Information was always provided and I appreciate the credentials of tutors, as a parents, it helps give you the necessary confidence that your child’s educational needs are attended to by a capable person. I’m grateful to these ladies and my decision to continue with classes next year was largely based on the beautiful experience I had with the ladies!”

“With the help and patience of Sarah, my daughter was able to up her grades. In term 2 my daughter obtained 27% in Math and that’s where we sought assistance from BrightSparkz. In the 3rd term with Sarah, my daughter moved from 27% to 51%. Although we were not able to use Sarah’s services in the last term, my daughter constantly referred back to what Sarah taught her during our sessions (confidence, understanding the problem, it’s ok to be wrong and try again, correct yourself, etc). I am proud to say for term 4 my daughter got 80% for her Math. I thank Sarah so much and would really like her to continue with us next year if she is available.”