Readers and Scribes

Readers and scribes are utilized at various schools and universities in order to facilitate the exam process for learners that struggle to complete the exam in the allotted time frame. Some learners may require either a reader or a scribe, while others may require both (known as an amanuensis). The school or university guidance counselor will make a recommendation in this regard.

In order to qualify to use a reader or scribe exam accommodation, the Department of Education needs to provide written approval of an examination concession. This should be applied for well in advance in order to ensure you receive the concession prior to booking a reader or scribe. An assessment by a registered Educational Psychologist should be conducted and submitted along with your application. Your school guidance counselor can advise you on this process.

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What our tutors have to say…

They’re just numbers and numbers can’t hurt you. Repetition is your friend; practise until you see numbers dancing in your dreams.

Conor E.
Conor E.Maths, Science & English Tutor

One of my favourite quotes is from Dr Seuss: The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go!

Taryn B.
Taryn B.Online English & Maths Tutor

Once you have taken something complicated and turned into something simple, that’s when you have truly learnt.

William D.
William D.University Tutor

With the right help, lots of practice and a positive attitude, Science can become your best friend!

Michelle K.
Michelle K.Science Tutor

Never be afraid to make mistakes, as they bring great opportunity to learn.

Miles A.
Miles A.Maths Tutor

Read, read, read! The best way to learn a language and improve vocabulary and comprehension skills is from reading. Afrikaans is a very vibrant and descriptive language!

Lee-Ann S.
Lee-Ann S.Afrikaans Tutor

Know your formats, practice your Accounting equations, and revise your debits and credits. Only then will you have the perfect foundation for success.

Alex A.
Alex A.Accounting Tutor

When writing a story or narrative, try imagining it as a movie. What do the surroundings look like, or what would they notice as the story progresses? Details fill out a story.

Amie W.
Amie W.English Tutor

The terminology in Life Science can very complicated. Break up the word into smaller parts and associate the parts with things you are familiar with.

Candice D.
Candice D.Natural Science & Life Science Tutor