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BrightSparkz Tutoring

Want to help your child excel at school but don’t have the time, expertise or patience? (no parent-guilt here!)

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We’ve matched 1000’s of parents & learners with the right tutor for them – we can do the same for you!

Want to help your child with schoolwork but don’t have the time or expertise?

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Our Tutors

Moné E

English tutorMoné E. (BA Honours in English – English & Afrikaans Tutor)

Moné is a 23-year-old Film Masters student. She has experience as a substitute teacher, and has excellent communication skills in both English and Afrikaans. She is a fantastic Primary School tutor for all subjects.

John Farai D

Our TutorsJohn Farai D. (BCom Accounting Honours – Accounting & Maths Tutor)

John received straight A’s in Matric, and went on to complete his BCom Accounting and BCom Accounting Honours degrees. He has been working as an accountant for several years, and has tutored Accounting at Grade 10 – 12 level, as well as Grade 7 – 8 Foundation Principles of Accounting.

Yolanda N

accounting tutorYolanda N. (BCom Finance and Information Systems – Accounting & Business Studies Tutor)

Yolanda is currently completing her BCom degree majoring in Finance and Economics. She has completed the Fasset Phucula programme which specializes in the academic enrichment of Financial Accounting students. She has been voluntarily tutoring high school learners who were affected by the recent Khayelitsha fires.

Evan B

Our TutorsEvan B. (MSc Environmental and Geographical Science – History & Geography Tutor)

Evan is a Social Science teacher for Grade 8 and 9, with a Bachelor of Social Science in Geography and Environmental Management, an Honours degree in Environmental and Geographical Science, and a Masters in Environmental and Geographical Science. He has tutored at university level and high school level for more than 7 years.

Nametso R

Our TutorsNametso R. (BSc (Hons) Statistics – Maths, Accounting & IT Tutor)

Nametso has completed her BSc Mathematical Statistics (majoring in Mathematics and Statistics) at the University of Pretoria, and is currently completing her BSc (Hons) Statistics. While in high school, she tutored Maths to Grades 10 and 11. She is very passionate about netball, and has been coaching netball and mini soccer to kids.

Mathew T

Our TutorsMathew T. (LLB – History & English Tutor)

Mathew is currently completing his LLB at the University of Pretoria, and was the South African representative at the Global Leadership Summit in 2016. He has tutored English, assisting undergraduate and post-graduate students at the University of the Free State with formal academic writing, as well as tutoring History at high school level.

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STEP 3: Start Learning!

At the first lesson, your tutor will identify gaps in knowledge and establish learning goals. 
The tutor works alongside the learner to help improve knowledge, confidence and marks!

We are here every step of the way to ensure a great learning experience!

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