Accounting Tutors

Accounting provides a theoretical and practical background for a career in commerce and business. Many of our Accounting tutors are studying to become Chartered Accountants. They are passionate about Accounting and have a deep understanding of the subject. Many of them have tutored Accounting at school and university. Get in touch with us to find an Accounting tutor near you!

Accounting curriculum

The South African Accounting curriculum aims to build students’ understanding of recording, summarising, interpreting, and using financial information for effective decision-making. Here are the key topics our tutors can help with, catering to grades 10-12:

Grade 10: Introduction to Accounting

  • Indigenous Bookkeeping: Introduction to bookkeeping principles, including recording of cash transactions (CRJ, CPJ, PCJ) and credit transactions (DJ, DAJ, CJ, CAJ, GJ); understanding the Accounting equation
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) and Salaries and Wages: Introduction to VAT, its calculation, and understanding of payroll
  • Financial Statements of Sole Traders: Understanding year-end adjustments, preparation of General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and related notes.Introduction to Cost Accounting and Budgeting: Understanding manufacturing concepts, budget preparation and analysis

Grade 11: Intermediate Accounting

  • Reconciliations and Fixed Assets: Skills to perform bank and other reconciliations and understanding the management of fixed assets
  • Partnerships: The deeper exploration of partnership accounting, including adjustments, final accounts, financial statements, and analysis of financial statements
  • Clubs and Cost Accounting: Understanding accounting for clubs and advanced cost accounting concepts; Budgeting including projected income statement, debtors’ collection, creditors’ payments, and cash budget; Inventory management and systems
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): Detailed study of VAT calculations and implications

Grade 12: Advanced Accounting

  • Companies: Understanding unique transactions, preparation and analysis of final accounts, financial statements and notes (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement); Understanding the audit reports and analysis of published financial statements
  • Fixed Assets and Close Corporations: Advanced study of fixed assets, understanding of close corporation accounting, internal control mechanisms, inventory systems, reconciliations, and Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Cost Accounting and Budgeting: The deeper exploration of cost accounting, including creating Production Cost Statements and Trading and Profit and Loss statements, unit costs, break-even analysis, and Advanced budgeting techniques.
  • Revision and Examination Preparation: Comprehensive revision of all topics and guidance on examination preparation techniques

Our Accounting tutors understand that these topics can be complex. They will guide your child through each concept with clear explanations and practical exercises. Each tutor will adapt their teaching style to match the student’s pace, ensuring thorough understanding.

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