Natural Science Tutors

Natural Science is the basis for high school Physical Science and Life Science (Biology). Natural Science fosters an understanding of the natural world and all its interactions to make it function. We select the best Natural Science tutors to tutor your child in this subject. Give your child the best chance of success, and get a tutor today!

Natural Science curriculum

Natural Science introduces students to the wonders of the physical world and the universe. The Natural Science curriculum in South Africa imparts a solid understanding of scientific concepts. Here are the key areas we offer tutoring for, from grades 1-9:

Grade 1-3: Introduction to Natural Sciences

  • Understanding the natural world around us
  • Introduction to plants and animals
  • Basic Earth and Space science

Grade 4-6: Developing Understanding of Natural Sciences

  • Understanding forces and motion
  • Introduction to the solar system and Earth’s place in it
  • Exploration of life processes in plants and animals

Grade 7-9: Intermediate Natural Sciences

  • Understanding elements and compounds
  • Exploration of Earth and physical sciences
  • Introduction to the scientific method

Our Natural Science tutors make learning science fascinating, breaking down complex concepts into manageable and understandable pieces.

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