Jan T

Hi, I’m Jan! I have completed my Chemical Engineering degree at UP, a Master of Business Leadership, a B.Sc. in Information Technology, and a PGCE at UNISA. My diverse educational background has equipped me with a solid foundation in both technical and pedagogical skills, which I bring into my teaching practice. Over the past six years, I have been working as a full-time teacher, instructing students in a variety of subjects, including Computer Applications Technology (CAT).

As a tutor, I focus on identifying and addressing the gaps in my students’ understanding. I strive to create a comfortable and supportive environment where students feel confident to ask questions and delve into challenging areas. I believe that giving extra focus and practice to these difficult topics is crucial for mastering the material. I am passionate about gaining and sharing knowledge, and my goal is to help students achieve their academic potential by providing personalized and effective tutoring.

In my spare time, I enjoy engaging in hobbies such as miniature modeling, reading, electronics, 3D printing, and working with computers. These activities not only allow me to relax and unwind but also keep me updated with the latest technological advancements. By incorporating my hobbies into my teaching, I can make learning more engaging and relatable for my students. I am committed to continuing my journey of learning and sharing, and I look forward to helping more students succeed and develop a love for learning.

Nosizwe Q

Hello, I’m Nosizwe, currently pursuing a BEd in Senior Phase and FET Teaching at the University of Johannesburg. In my matric year, I achieved four distinctions, laying the foundation for my commitment to academic excellence and passion for teaching.

With six months of tutoring experience, my goal as a tutor is to assist learners in their areas of struggle and provide the necessary support to scaffold their learning needs. Empathy is at the core of my approach, as I prioritize understanding and addressing the unique challenges each student faces. Outside the classroom, I find joy in reading novels, actively participating in the UJ Scratch coding club, and expressing my passion for singing. As a tutor, my greatest fulfillment comes from witnessing my students believe in themselves, conquer their fears, and achieve new heights. I am excited about the opportunity to continue making a positive impact on the academic journey of my students and fostering a love for learning.

Hanzalah R

Hello, I’m Hanzalah, and I’m excited to be your tutor as you navigate the world of electrical engineering. Currently completing a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Witwatersrand, I bring a strong academic background, having achieved seven distinctions in my matric year, including 84% in Maths, 83% in English, 90% in Computer Applications Technology (CAT), and 98% in Religious Education. This academic achievement reflects my dedication to excellence and a well-rounded understanding of various subjects.

As a tutor, my approach is grounded in hard work and a sincere commitment to my students’ success. I want to ensure not only that my students achieve good grades but also that I address their individual needs and provide support during challenging times. My goal is to teach, explain concepts thoroughly, and assist students with any struggles or pressures they may face. Beyond academics, I find joy in reading, playing cricket, and diving into the world of mathematics in my spare time. I aspire to be a tutor you can talk to and confide in, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment for your success. Let’s work together to achieve your academic goals!

Shimei B

Hello, I’m Shimei, and I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Education (Intermediate Phase) at UNISA. My dedication to education began early on, as evidenced by my matric year where I earned 2 distinctions. Complementing my formal education, I obtained a TEFL certificate in 2019, which marked the start of my dynamic teaching journey. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been engaged in both online and private teaching, offering my expertise to students across the globe.

My experience includes working with diverse platforms and employing the Cambridge curriculum “CambriLearn” as a private teacher for a homeschooling family. I’ve fostered a strong proficiency in teaching English, and I’ve also provided primary school students with tutoring in key subjects such as Maths, Science, Afrikaans, and English. My true passion for teaching has emerged through these experiences, and I’m committed to making information clearer and more comprehensible to students. I prioritize tailoring my teaching methods to the student’s unique learning style, ensuring that each individual can grasp and retain the content effectively. Beyond education, I find solace in strumming the guitar and channeling my creativity into scrapbooking during my leisure time.

Lorraine N

HI! I’m Lorraine, an experienced and dedicated tutor with a Bachelor of Education: Foundation Phase, earned cum laude. With 20 years of teaching experience, my primary goal is to help students learn and discover answers for themselves while building their skills for independent problem-solving. I take pride in establishing a school in an underprivileged community and successfully running it, as well as founding a local community soup kitchen.

Alongside my passion for teaching, I have a genuine love for learning new content and enjoy activities such as reading and scrapbooking. I look forward to bringing my expertise and enthusiasm to our tutoring sessions, creating a supportive environment where students can grow academically and personally, while nurturing their lifelong love for learning.

Maselesele K

I’m Sele! I excelled in my Matric year, passing with great results including receiving 3 distinctions in Afrikaans with 81%, CAT with 80% and LO with 90%. I then went on to complete a BSc in Audiology at University and now currently studying towards my 2nd qualification doing a Bachelor of Law.

I am passionate about Early Childhood intervention of which was my primary area of focus during my tenure as an independent audiologist. I understand children very well and I have found great pleasure in working with children with learning difficulties and teaching them the appropriate tools to help them succeed.

Some of my other interests include Child Psychology, Cognitive behavioural therapy and life coaching.

Claire F

I’m Claire! I excelled in my matric year, attaining top marks including having passed Maths & French with 90%. Thereafter, I went on to complete my undergrad and post grad qualifications in Electrical engineering (cum laude).

Since then, I have accumulated 15 years of teaching experience particularly in Maths and CAT. I consider myself to be a very creative, dependable, honest person and a passionate tutor. I enjoy helping my learners understand concepts, teaching them how to problem solve and helping them gain confidence in their academics.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, sewing and being out in nature.

Lynne L

I’m Lynne! I successfully navigated through my Matriculation year, passing with some proud academic accomplishments. This includes having passed with 4 distinctions which I earned in CAT with 80%, LO with 83%, History with 87% and German with 87%. I then went on to university where I am currently studying a BA where my majors are Psychology, German, and General Linguistics. Once I have completed my degree, I would like to continue in Speech Pathology.

I have always helped my fellow peers in high school with studying and homework and they always appreciated my assistance in helping them improve their marks.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends and volunteering at shelters.

Taryn T

I’m Taryn! I am currently completing my Honours in Psychology at Varsity College, Sandton. As a tutor I aim to make my lessons exciting and get my students to love their academic subjects. My lessons are engaging and specifically tailored to suit my students needs and overcome any challenging areas.

I am confident, assertive and empathetic and horse riding is a major interest in my life. I love working with children and helping people therefore I have also spent time volunteering at different organisations.

Rorisang P

I’m Rorisang! I’m a current first year student at university studying a Bcom in Information Systems and Finance. I received an 80% aggregate in Matric, having received 6 distinctions in the subjects – English (83%), Afrikaans (81%), LO (86%), Business studies (93%), History (94% and CAT (88%).

I consider myself to be a very discipled, punctual and driven individual and I know what it takes to improve a learners marks and the work that goes into doing so.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and also happen to have a big passion for fashion!