Help Reduce Your Child’s Exam Stress

BrightSparkz’ Top Tips for Reducing Exam Stress

This time of year is busy on all fronts, and if you have children of school-going age life gets just that little bit more hectic as you help them navigate their exam and study workload, and the exam stress that inevitably goes along with it!

Here are 5 tips to help you and your child cope with exam stress during this busy season:

  1. Encourage routine – this includes study time, mealtimes, bed times, as well as making some time for fun and exercise!
  1. Have healthy snacks readily available – Chocolate, energy drinks, and coffee all result in fatigue and spikes and dips in blood sugar levels and concentration. Instead, have a supply of healthy snack options like fruit, nuts, popcorn and ensure they drink lots of water!
  1. Create a study space – Teen bedrooms are not the neatest of places! Try and find an alternative study space (as uncluttered and distraction-free as possible) which can be turned into a “study-zone”.
  1. Provide support – this goes beyond just offering academic support. Emotional support and encouragement goes a long way to boost confidence and positive feelings. Offer to make a cup of tea from time to time, or PVR their favourite show for later :)
  1. Planning ahead – Have a calendar on the wall with all upcoming exam dates. Don’t rush to get to school on the morning of the exam – pack the night before, and leave enough time margin to get to school early.

All that’s left is to make sure you keep a smile on your face :)

Good luck!

From us on the BrightSparkz Team

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  1. Andile
    Andile says:

    I’m very passionate about the Youth at Schools, in particularly in the townships. So much is taken for granted about schooling, not every school anyway. What can one do to improve their drive to dream for a brighter future?

    • Dominique Oebell
      Dominique Oebell says:

      Hi Andile, there is a lot wrong with our education system and schools, but there seem to be those individuals with the inner drive and passion to overcome the odds. I think having great role models is one of the keys and it sounds like you are one of them!


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