Tutor Tips – How to Make the Most of Your Tutoring Session

How to Make the Most of Your Tutoring Sessions:

As tutors, we are accustomed to the individual needs of each learner. We know that each learner understands and retains information in unique ways. As such, it is important to know how to make the most of each tutoring session. In this way, we are able to get the most use of the time provided, for the learner as well as ourselves.

Prior to the first session, the following checklist can be helpful:
• Arrange a meeting with the learner’s parent(s) to determine the goals of the learner and the parents
• Find out why the learner requires a tutor
• Become familiar with the learner’s interests
• Diagnose the learner’s difficulties (if any)

Having a lesson plan and goals can be vital for saving time and making the most of each session:
• Set goals for the session based on the learner’s development
• Create an instructional lesson
• Provide resource materials and exercises
• Construct a review activity to check on goals achieved and previously taught work
• Construct a suitable set of exercises (homework) for the student to complete before the next tutoring session

When conducting the lesson:
• Be on time!
• Create a positive environment for you and the learner
• Sit beside the learner and not across
• Start with a review of the objectives and go over information from previous sessions
• Discuss the lesson plan and then involve the learner as soon as possible
• When checking work, let the learner make the corrections with your guidance. Avoid answering for the learner wherever possible
• Listen carefully to the learner’s explanations and responses
• Keep your learner informed about his or her progress during the session and regularly make sure that the learner understands what you are teaching
• Making the lesson fun will improve learner involvement and promote learning
• End the tutoring session on a positive note!
If you have any further suggestions or would like to add some information on feel free to leave a comment below.

Written by Kristin Naude – BrightSparkz Maths and English Tutor

There are many companies with very professional and helpful tutors. So why should you choose BrightSparkz?

Many learners struggle to find a method of studying that works for them. This is one reason why it is important to find the most suitable tutor for each learner’s individual needs. Our tutors take each learner’s unique background, personality, and goals into consideration, in order to structure effective tutoring sessions. Some of our key methods include identifying the ‘gaps’ and filling in the basics of the subject that may have been missed in earlier years whilst still taking a fun and purposeful approach to the subject in order to promote a positive attitude towards it. Maths and Science tutor, Hloni, says her secret weapon is to “make lessons fun so that you and the learner are enjoying the content you are covering.”
Katleho admits he “wasn’t particularly thrilled with the idea” of getting a tutor but that it is “way better than I thought.” He says, “I don’t know where BrightSparkz are getting their tutors, but they are somehow able to make schoolwork enjoyable”.

Through years of experience in home tuition, we have discovered that one-on-one lessons with a passionate, knowledgeable, and patient tutor, brings back new interest into ‘boring’ subjects, creates opportunities to ask questions freely, and positively changes attitudes towards learning. As English, Afrikaans and Xhosa tutor, Ulricke, says, “Every problem or challenge will always be accompanied with a learning opportunity.”