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Tutor of the Month: September 2021

Joan M. is our September 2021 Tutor of the Month! Joan has been a BrightSparkz tutor since September 2020. She has completed 199 hours of tutoring to date!   Joan: (Business Studies, Economics, English, Maths & Geography) Joan matriculated in 2013 with excellent results including 6 distinctions. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of degree […]

Tutor of the Month: August 2021

Paballo M. is our August 2021 Tutor of the Month! Paballo has been a BrightSparkz tutor since April 2018. She has completed 62 hours of tutoring to date!   Paballo: (Maths, Physical Science, Accounting & Life Science Tutor)   Paballo matriculated in 2017 with outstanding results obtaining distinctions in all of her subjects, most notably 95% […]

The Value of Upskilling by Learning English

BrightSparkz’s online English Boot Camp™ is a fun, interactive, online English tutoring program. This unique program was designed to establish and build strong foundations in English, making it more enjoyable to speak, read and write, and to boost confidence. This course is perfectly suited to both children who have started learning English at school, and adult beginners. Each course includes a […]

Tutor of the Month: May 2021

Firdaus S. is our May 2021 Tutor of the Month! Firdaus has been a BrightSparkz tutor since March 2020. She has completed 109 hours of tutoring to date! Firdaus matriculated in 2016 with brilliant results including two distinctions. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree double majoring in Accounting and Internal Auditing […]

Tutor of the Month: July 2021

Lesego M. is our July 2021 Tutor of the Month! Lesego has been a BrightSparkz tutor since March 2021. She has completed 57 hours of tutoring to date!   Lesego: (Afrikaans, English Tutor & Concessions Facilitator)   Lesego matriculated in 2014 with excellent results. This earned her into the University of Johannesburg where she completed a Bachelor […]


Parents Expectations & Commitments: Why It’s Better To Get A Tutor

A parent’s commitments are never ending. Whether or not you have a 9-5 job, parenting itself is a full time venture! The to do list can be daunting, from piles of laundry (where does it all come from?!), to cooking for fussy eaters, cleaning up constant mess, school runs, grocery shopping, helping with homework, staying […]

What You Need To Know About Adult Matric

The Adult Matric course gives individuals the opportunity to get their matric certificate at any age over 21. This is specifically ideal for individuals who left school after receiving their Grade 9 certificate and are looking to further their education.  What is Adult Matric?  Adult Matric is a matric course that helps you work towards your […]

Tutor of the Month: June 2021

  Luke V. is our June 2021 Tutor of the Month! Luke has been a BrightSparkz tutor since January 2020. He has completed 85 hours of tutoring to date!   Luke matriculated in 2017 with excellent results, obtaining 5 distinctions and was in the top ten students in his year. Luke is currently in his second […]