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How To Utilize The Rest Of The School Year (Part 2)

With only two months left of the academic year, you might be wondering how best to help your child effectively utilize the rest of the school year. Now that schools have opened up again, and students are getting back into their academic routine, it is essential to address concerns surrounding learners returning to school. How […]

Tutor of the Month: November 2020

Micaela D. is our November 2020 Tutor of the Month! Micaela has been a BrightSparkz tutor since February 2020, and has already completed 93 tutoring hours! She is our go-to STEM tutor. Micaela matriculated in 2018 from St. Stithians Girls College (IEB) with astounding results, including 6 distinctions including 83% for Maths and 77% for Physical […]

Tutor of the Month: October 2020

Sinenhlanhla K. is our October 2020 Tutor of the Month! Sinenhlanhla was a BrightSparkz tutor in 2016 and 2017, and again since May 2020. She is a fantastic high school, and university tutor. Sinenhlanhla matriculated from Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School in 2012 with outstanding results, obtaining 4 distinctions. She then went on to complete her Bachelor […]


How To Utilize The Rest Of The School Year (Part 1)

The current global pandemic has caused a restructuring of our day to day lives. As adults we have adapted to the new social norms and guided our children to do the same. However, students may still be feeling uneasy and unsure as to how to effectively utilize the remainder of the school year in order […]

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Letter From The Directors – September 2020

Valued BrightSparkz Clients, Tutors & Partners, The start of Spring brings us a new season for education, with almost all learners back at school, the economy opening up and lockdown restrictions easing. Learners are also needing to get used to the reality of being back in the classroom, with tests and assignments due, and exams […]


Registering for Homeschool

So you’ve made the decision not to send your child back to school this year. What does that mean? Is homeschool your only option? You’ll need to register with the Department of Education (unless your child is continuing to learn online using the platforms provided by their school) You’ll need to support your child’s online […]

Tutor of the Month: September 2020

Devashni M. is our September 2020 Tutor of the Month! Devashni has been a BrightSparkz tutor since September 2019, and has tutored 77 hours for us so far. She is a fantastic high school, university and adult language tutor. Devashni is a relatively new addition to the BrightSparkz family, and has fit in seamlessly with our […]

How can you support your child’s schooling from home?

So many parents are worried to some extent about their children falling behind at school due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns over the past few months. With another nationwide closure of public schools until late August at least, we’re not surprised! An already packed school curriculum doesn’t really leave room for a week’s […]