What Our Tutors Say

Working for BrightSparkz has been great as it allowed me to play a part in changing someone’s life. Tutoring is not just a job but a stepping stone for those that you tutor and I am grateful for the opportunity I had. Keep on providing stepping stones for others BrightSparkz.

AmandaCape Town

The working experience with BrightSparkz is fantastic. I like how the consultants Whatsapp you with job opportunities and give you the chance to accept or reject the job. They are on point with the lesson logging system and it is very easy to log lessons and receive payment. The staff is always very friendly and always make you feel welcome.”

JadeCape Town

Being a tutor at BrightSparkz has made me appreciate the art of learning and teaching, the forms of gaining new information and the joys of imparting knowledge you know with other people and them accepting it the way you expected. BrightSparkz does not give you tasks without having thoroughly explained to you what has to be done of you, they also are very communicative and I believe that makes working very easy.

YolisaCape Town

“Being a student myself, I feel like BrightSparkz offers a good chance to help other students and also to grow in the skills one already has. It is also a much more efficient way to earn extra cash as a student, and in helping another student I am also sharpening my own intellect.

CharityCape Town

This is has been an amazing year with BrighSparkz. There are always tutoring opportunities available for me and I could choose to decline or accept any tutoring position based on my schedule. I would definitely recommend BrightSparkz to my campus friends because it’s the perfect student part time job.

SoniaCape Town