Charlie-Bruce d

Hi, I’m Charlie-Bruce. I hold a BSc Honours degree in Zoology from Nelson Mandela University. During my matric year, I achieved two distinctions. Currently, my focus is on building a career in environmental and marine science, with the goal of eventually completing a Masters degree in the field.

As a tutor, my aim is to provide clarity and understanding to my students while imparting valuable knowledge. I am dedicated to supporting and assisting students in advancing their academic abilities. I believe in fostering a supportive and encouraging environment where students feel motivated to excel.

Outside of academics, I have diverse interests that keep me engaged. I enjoy playing sports like football and judo, which not only keep me physically active but also teach me valuable lessons about teamwork and discipline. Music is another passion of mine, and I play the violin and piano. I also have a keen interest in learning languages, having already studied German and recently started learning Italian. Being friendly and enjoying interactions with people, I strive to create a positive and comfortable learning environment for my students.