Mduduzi V

Hello, I’m Mduduzi, and I’m thrilled to be your tutor as you navigate the world of academia. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Pretoria, I bring a strong academic foundation from my matric year, where I achieved an impressive seven distinctions, including 91% in Geography, 88% in Maths, 93% in Physical Science, 91% in Life Science, and 81% in Life Orientation. My diverse academic achievements reflect my commitment to excellence and a broad understanding of the sciences.

As a tutor, my primary focus is on your individual needs. I am dedicated to helping you grasp challenging topics and providing support where it’s needed most. I believe in tailoring my approach to suit your unique learning style, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. Outside the realm of academia, I find joy in staying active through exercise and expanding my knowledge through watching video essays on various topics on YouTube. I look forward to assisting you on your academic journey and making the learning process enjoyable and rewarding.