Hello, I’m Sechaba, currently completing my Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Pretoria. In my matric year, I achieved remarkable success with six distinctions, demonstrating my dedication to academic excellence. Noteworthy accomplishments include 88% in English, 87% in Math Literacy, 86% in Life Orientation, 83% in Economics, 91% in Tourism, and 86% in History. As a tutor, my passion for academia stems from my own high grades in high school. I firmly believe that all students possess the desire to excel, and I aim to be the one who nurtures that desire and plants the seeds of success in their academic journey. My approach is centered on expanding and enhancing understanding rather than rote memorization, putting in the extra work to ensure students gain a deeper comprehension of the topics at hand.

In my spare time, I am deeply involved in Moot Court Competitions, a passion that has driven me to participate in numerous competitions during my first year. Engaging in moot court has not only provided me with advocacy skills but also honed my research abilities.

Arya N

Hello, I’m Arya, and I’m currently on a path to complete my BSc in Medical Science at the University of Pretoria. In my matric year, I proudly achieved seven distinctions, including 83% in Afrikaans, 90% in Drama, 83% in English, 88% in Life Orientation, and 80% in both Life Science and Mathematics. What truly fuels my passion for tutoring is the joy I find in helping others succeed. It all started when I began assisting my peers, and I realized that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing students grow and excel in their studies. I have a genuine love for academics, and I believe that learning is a journey where both the tutor and the student can gain knowledge together. My greatest joy comes from helping individuals reach their full potential and achieve their academic goals.

Outside the realm of academics, I find enjoyment in staying active through sports like squash and paddle, which keeps me both physically and mentally fit. Additionally, I have a creative side, and I love finding a creative outlet in drawing and painting. These activities not only relax my mind but also provide a different perspective on problem-solving and thinking creatively. I look forward to sharing my love for learning and helping you succeed on your educational journey. Together, we can reach new heights in your studies!

Alexis T

Hello! My name is Alexis, and I am currently pursuing a BCom in Informatics Information Sciences at the University of Pretoria. I take pride in my academic achievements, having obtained 9 distinctions during my first year and 6 distinctions in my second year at university. In high school, I excelled in subjects such as Business Studies (87%), Afrikaans First Additional Language (81%), and English Home Language (84%) according to the IEB syllabus.

What drives me is my passion for tutoring and ensuring that your child receives personalized education that suits their learning style and helps them unlock their true potential. I strongly believe in effective communication, patience, and adaptability as essential elements in assisting your child to not only comprehend but also enjoy their studies. Beyond academics, I have a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors, as well as an interest in technology and video games. Moreover, I have an affection for animals, which adds an element of compassion and empathy to my tutoring approach.

I am dedicated to providing a nurturing and engaging learning environment that fosters growth and encourages your child to excel academically and personally. I look forward to embarking on this educational journey together and supporting your child’s progress every step of the way.

Jennifer C

Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I am currently completing my BCom Economic and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently achieved distinctions in all subjects, including impressive scores such as 82% for Afrikaans, 85% for English, 93% for French, 88% for Life Orientation, 87% for Life Science, 83% for Math, and 81% for Physical Science.

I am a passionate learner and teacher, and I take great joy in helping others succeed. As a kind and caring individual, I strive to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment. I am known for my organizational skills and my ability to explain concepts thoroughly, ensuring that my students grasp the material effectively. I have gained valuable experience over the past four years teaching English lessons to students in Grades 3-5.

Education is a personal priority for me, and I believe in the importance of continuous self-development. In my free time, you’ll often find me immersed in books or listening to educational podcasts. I also have a strong inclination towards art and creativity, with a love for painting and exploring aesthetics. Recently, I have developed a deep interest in health and mindfulness, focusing on proper nutrition, movement, yoga, and meditation. Lastly, as a social person, I find fulfillment in connecting with others and fostering meaningful relationships.