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How to Help Your Child Prepare for their Exams!

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail” For many learners, exams are an endless struggle. They are able to manage their homework and cope fine with assignments, but as soon as exams come around, everything seems to fall apart. There are a number of factors that could be contributing to this, but the most common […]

So You Think You Failed a Matric Subject: What Next?

Passing Matric is essential; it is the culmination of twelve years of education, and a basic requirement to access tertiary education. Many employers are reluctant to hire those without a Matric certificate, and if you have failed your Matric, things may seem pretty bleak. Fortunately, you may qualify for a supplementary examination (i.e. a Matric […]

Help Reduce Your Child’s Exam Stress

This time of year is busy on all fronts, and if you have children of school-going age life gets just that little bit more hectic as you help them navigate their their exam and study workload. Here are 5 tips to help you and your child cope with exam stress during this busy season: Encourage […]

Understanding Dyscalculia – Part 3

Our two previous blogs discuss dyscalculia in detail. Now that we know a little bit more, what can we do to help our learners? Tutor tips (For the tutor and the parents): Use concrete examples that connect math to real life. For instance, use examples that include their favourite things or shopping. This helps to […]

Understanding Dyscalculia – Part 2

In our previous blog, an expansive amount of information was provided to help you (as a tutor or parent) to identify the symptoms of dyscalculia. Unfortunately, dyscalculia has also been known to affect other aspects of learner’s lives. Other effects of dyscalculia include: Social skills:Failing repeatedly in math class can cause your learner to assume […]

Understanding Dyscalculia – Part 1

Despite the fact that Dyscalculia affects around 6% of the general population, many learners, tutors and educators are unfamiliar with the specifics. The next few blogs will cover some important aspects of dyscalculia, what is entails, the symptoms, the diagnosing of dyscalculia, various effects, and more. I hope you find this helpful! What is Dyscalculia? […]

Coping with and Helping Learners with ADHD

This blog recaps one of my previous about how to help learners with ADHD. This blog includes challenges posed for tutors and teachers who might have learners with ADHD as well as tips for tutors and learners who have ADHD. ADHD can present the following challenges for tutors and teachers Learners require more attention Learners […]

What causes ADHD?

No one is sure what causes ADHD. There are many different theories but no one theory in particular has been proven yet. That said; many scientists believe that genes play a role. Results from copious studies suggest that the gene for ADHD runs in families. Because of this, researches are looking at many genes and […]