Nirvana R.

Johannesburg – East Rand

school readiness

“I’m Nirvana, an aspiring doctor that dreams of specializing as a pediatrician. I have worked closely with children over the years and have developed a deep passion, understanding and fondness for children. I had the opportunity of spending a lot of my time with my nieces and nephews. This allowed for a beautiful window to see how their wonderful minds work. I have recently taken on tutoring of younger children and my nieces who have recently started school and so far its been a fantastic and rewarding journey. I have a lot of patience and determination when it comes to teaching children and helping them achieve their maximum potential. I come up with creative ways to keep them engaged and make learning a fun and exciting activity.  I’m aware of the challenges faced by both parents and children in today’s world, and together as a team, I aim to inspire the young minds and make their schooling experience as pleasant as possible.”