Theonette J.

Joburg – Sandton

Afrikaans tutors in Joburg

“For 22 years Afrikaans has been the language in which I lived. It was the language I first loved, laughed and learned to communicate in. For all my life I have been privileged enough to speak Afrikaans as my home language. Afrikaans is more than a language to me, it is a deep passion that I have for a history rich in culture.

Being fluent in two languages or more is such an amazing experience and one that everyone deserves to enjoy. After 4 years of tutoring (and many hundreds of hours tutoring Afrikaans!) I have noticed the lack of enthusiasm and confidence in my students.

As a tutor I make it my mission for them to share my passion. People are my passion and therefore they become my priority. I try to be more than just a tutor, I try to be a mentor and to invest something of myself in every student that will last through their entire lifetime.

I am extremely excited about the Boot Camp initiative and look forward to the journey with every student.”