Oratile T.

Johannesburg – Roodepoort & Randburg

Afrikaans tutor

“I have had the opportunity to learn Afrikaans and see just how much of an interesting subject it is, it has allowed me to pursue many of my goals and I am able to give back by tutoring the language. I became an ABC trainer because I have realized that not everyone enjoys learning the subject, and this can be due to many reasons. However once students start to gain an understanding of the subject they are able to have a bit more fun with it. One of the advantages of learning and understanding Afrikaans, which I plan on putting to use in the near future, is the ability to learn and pursue other foreign languages. It is closely related to Germanic languages which will come in handy while travelling. I have been tutoring Afrikaans since the beginning of 2018, and have also worked as a reader/scribe in Afrikaans.”