Monique R.

Cape Town – Northern Suburbs

Afrikaans tutor in Cape Town

“I think Afrikaans is one of the most expressive languages on mother earth. I am fluent in both English and Afrikaans, but as my friends and colleagues will tell you: when I feel passionate about something I switch over to Afrikaans without even realizing it. Afrikaans is my mother-tongue and as such I engage with it on a daily basis at home and work.

I have worked in various environments over the past 20 years, requiring me to both speak and write in Afrikaans in formal and less formal settings. I am a trained remedial teacher and completed all my studies in Afrikaans. I am also a mother of a Gr.4 and Gr.8 pupil, who I often assist with their homework – also mainly in Afrikaans. It would be a privilege for me to share my knowledge and love of this language with others. ”