Marlene V.

Johannesburg – Sandton

Study Skills Crash Course

“Afrikaans is my home language, but I never realized the challenge second language learners are facing until I started homeschooling my own four children in 2000, ages then 7, 6, 2 and 0 years old. We lived in Pietermaritzburg where the majority of people only speak English, so all my children had to learn to speak English very quickly or they could not communicate with friends or peers. I could clearly see the need for Afrikaans tutoring – how to explain in simple terms how to apply the rules and to pronounce words. It wasn’t until we moved to Johannesburg and all my children became independent students, that I strongly felt that I might be able to help in Afrikaans and started tutoring. I also scribe for students and therefore have a good idea how the exams are put together.

I was very excited when BrightSparkz introduced the Afrikaans Boot Camp because students will now be able to benefit and learn, as it is hands on and explains the Afrikaans language rules clearly (also explained in English). I like the idea that the student has to read, pronounce and explain back to the tutor what is expected, as this is the way how we learn new languages; by being interactive, communicating, reading and explaining.”