Leona D.

Pretoria – Centurion

“Afrikaans is my Home Language and I am excited to teach this rich evolving language. I matriculated in 2011 with Afrikaans scoring the highest marks. I then moved on to go study Linguistics and Psychology at WITS university. In a nutshell, Linguistics include the study of language development, language acquisition, language learning as well as how language is structured. In 2018 I acquired a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Whilst completing my studies, I was an Afrikaans teacher at three respective Home School facilities and have been tutoring Afrikaans since 2012 with learners ranging from grade 1 to 12. Since 2018 I have also been an EduBlox reading and learning clinic teacher, helping learners improve with reading, speaking, comprehension and cognition. Over the past eight years I have realized the need for tailored one-on-one learning support, Languages being one of the most critical areas. Afrikaans is one of the youngest and fastest growing languages. It finds its existence in so many different languages all over the world, giving each speaker a rich source of vocabulary and potential for bilingualism.”