Leande V.

Johannesburg – Randburg

Afrikaans tutors in Joburg

“I am a very friendly, reliable person and loyal individual whom you can trust to do my very best to help your child achieve their goals through inspiration and finding ways to relate to them. I am also a very creative person and have an absolute love for color and making things fun and exiting.

Aside from being creative and an extrovert, I have a lot of patience and do not mind taking a step back and adjusting to new styles which a learner can understand. I like to be prepared before encountering any situation.

I have good experience with both Afrikaans and English since my Home Language is Afrikaans and I speak a lot of English in the professional environment, therefore I can translate easily from English to Afrikaans and explain terms better. I have also had a few students whom I have helped with their Afrikaans and I do believe that I have made a difference in their lives.

You can trust me to do my best and be of inspiration and help to any learner!”