Kirsten O.

Cape Town – Southern Suburbs

Afrikaans Tutor in Joburg

“Growing up with Afrikaans-speaking parents was my first exposure to the language, speaking it daily.  My parents preferred to communicate in Afrikaans not only because it was easier and the natural thing to do, but because they always expressed a love for the language. In addition, there was always Afrikaans music playing in the house and my sister and I followed Afrikaans TV-shows. Because of this, I always excelled in Afrikaans at school and as a result, I really enjoyed the language. I have tutored university level Afrikaans and had students pass with distinctions. Furthermore, I have also tutored Afrikaans at both primary and high school level. I have taught English as a foreign language to students with very poor English vocabulary, therefore, I am well aware of the challenges students face when learning a second language.”