Giséle C.

Pretoria – Hatfield

“I am currently a second-year BSc Zoology student at the University of Pretoria. Having been in an Afrikaans school, the prospect of attending classes in English was both scary and intriguing.
After more than a year of education purely in English, I have fully adapted to the bilingual word around me. I completely understand how challenging it can be to be proficient in two languages, and for this reason, I have decided to help others also improve their language skills. My experience in Afrikaans includes having it as my mother tongue, achieving 87% in the 2017 NSC examination for Afrikaans, as well as helping a Master’s student from Stellenbosch translate the abstract of her thesis from English to Afrikaans (she ended up graduating Cum Laude). Allow me to help you pave the path to success in Afrikaans.”