Tutor of the Month: July 2018

Dimitri G is our July 2018 Tutor of the Month!

Dimitri has been a BrightSparkz tutor since December 2017, assisting learners with Accounting, Maths, Business Studies and English. 
Dimitri matriculated from Fairmont High School in 2013, with 7 distinctions! He has completed his BCom majoring in Business Management, and is currently busy with his Honours in BCom Business Management majoring in Financial Management. Dimitri is a dedicated tutor, with several long-term clients who he has been tutoring since the beginning of 2018, racking up almost 200 tutoring hours of excellent tutoring in this time. He is a serious and professional young man, with a passion for all “numerical subjects”, and a great ability to teach these in an accessible way. He has completed his Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate, and plans to teach English in Asia in his future. He has a great interest in Asia language and culture. Dimitri has been helping his peers with Mathematics and Accounting throughout his high school and university careers, and also coached swimming to younger learners at his former high school. In his free time, he enjoys learning about history and other cultures, hiking, running and writing.
This is what Dimitri’s clients have to say about him:
Thank you very much for referring me to Dimitri. He was an amazing tutor and I am certain that I will have a great result come the exam.”
“Ons is baie in ons skik met Dimitri.  Jané  het dadelik met hom geclick.”
“She loves Dimitri.”

“Issi was satisfied and said Dimitri will be able to guide him properly. I think we are in good hands!”

How to boost your third term results

Are you afraid of your report arriving?

Your second term report has arrived, and your grades do not look good. In fact, your results are quite a shock!  Although you may have heard that marks drop in term two, this is worse than you expected. Your parents are not happy and are threatening to stop your social life forever until your grades improve!

What to do? You are now seriously worried about your third term marks. You don’t want to find yourself failing any subjects at the end-of-year exams, and you’re wondering how to improve your grades.

third term marks

How to lose the fear forever!

Fear no more! If improving your third term marks is important to you (and possibly a condition of your continued social life!), you can get a tutor from BrightSparkz Tutors. It is very easy to apply via the website, and a friendly and professional consultant will set you up with an amazing, expert tutor (who understands what you’re going through) in no time. The tutors are all thoroughly screened and interviewed before they appear on your doorstep, and, if for some reason you don’t absolutely love your new tutor, we will send you another tutor.

There are qualified tutors who can assist you with any subject you may be struggling with. Your tutor will assist you in the comfort of your own home, or at a venue convenient to you, and at times that suit you best.

Should you need specific assistance with either Afrikaans or Zulu, why not try a fun and informative Afrikaans or Zulu Boot Camp option which will boost your language skills greatly?

You’re not sure that you know HOW to study?

If you find that your study methods are no longer working for you and you seem to spend hours with your books to no avail, you can book for the life-changing and grade-improving Study Skills Crash Course. You will find that once you know how to study correctly, you will retain information much better and your grades will improve significantly. No more going around in circles or feeling clueless!

Do you have trouble writing exams?

Perhaps you need some assistance while writing your exams? Do you blank out in exams (even though you have studied hard and know your work)? Do you become so stressed out that you cannot write the exam that you’ve studied so hard for, or you have applied for (and been granted), a learning concession for any reason? You will be able to book a professional and knowledgeable concessions facilitator to help you as a reader or a scribe (or both!) who will assist you during your tests and exams. The concessions facilitators are trained in how to conduct exam sessions and will make a big difference to your success in the exams.

third term results

So, if you are serious about boosting your third term results into the stratosphere, take action today and get in touch

Written by Natalie Wilke, BrightSparkz Staff & Blog Writer