Why tutoring is the best part-time job

Looking for a part-time job? Be a Tutor!

If you are interested in getting a part-time job, there are so many options available to you – it’s often daunting trying to choose! Part-time jobs may require different skills sets, and range from less skilled jobs (washing dishes or flipping burgers), to the highly-skilled spectrum where formal education and experience is required, like business consulting or coaching.

Tutoring as a part-time job falls under the spectrum of skilled work. You need to be well educated yourself and have achieved good results to be able to help others as an academic tutor. Tutoring offers you many benefits as a part-time job – here are just some of them:

Being a tutor helps you develop your character and life skills

You will learn patience and empathy as a tutor, or develop these traits further. Some learners will grasp concepts more quickly than others, and all learners learn in different ways.

You will also learn or improve on your own time management and goal-setting skills as you assist your learners to do the same.

Tutoring grows your own knowledge base – you learn when teaching others

As much as you are teaching others, you will learn from them. This might not be in an academic sense, but in many other ways. Tutoring will “cement” your own knowledge as you teach key concepts, which may make the experience more enjoyable for you as well.Tutor value best part-time job

Being a tutor allows you to share the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained so far in life

People who are a few steps behind you on the ladder of life will benefit greatly from the life lessons and academic achievements that you have already passed through. Learners may see you as a mentor and adviser. You can use your own experience to give them tips and advice on studying, managing stress, a study-fun balance and more!

Tutoring allows you to help others and make a difference in their lives

You will gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from being a positive force in the life of a learner and possibly a role model too. When your learner improves their marks, and gains a more positive attitude, you will feel like you’ve achieved something great. You surely have, as the impact you have made affects the academic future and ultimately, the life options of the learner. Make a difference as a tutor part-time job

Being a tutor improves your relationship-building skills and gains you friendships

You will be dealing with a variety of clients and learners, some of whom you may naturally relate to better than others! This will develop your communication and negotiation skills, both of which are important life skills to have.

You may end up having lifelong friends among the clients and learners that you tutor.

Tutoring will give you valuable experience to add to your CV

Being a tutor, like a teacher, is an honorable job which impacts the lives of others. You are required to demonstrate not only academic skills, but also responsibility, reliability, planning and commitment, which are all very valuable skills to potential employers in any field.

You will also be able to get valuable references from your clients if you deliver a great service, as well as from your tutoring company.Improve learners lives tutor part-time job

Being a tutor gives you flexibility

You can choose the days and times that fit into your schedule more so than most other part-time jobs, making this a job that fits into your schedule and doesn’t encroach on your study and leisure time as much as other part-time jobs, like being a waiter or cashier.

Tutor at a great hourly rate

Tutoring is a great way to earn income, at a much higher hourly rate than minimum wage. An hour of tutoring a week will allow you to earn the same amount as several hours’ in another part-time job. If you need a little extra income in your budget, tutoring regularly will give that to you without sacrificing a huge amount of time.


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Written by: Natalie Wilke, BrightSparkz Staff & Blog Writer

Tutor Of The Month: Marc Kasongo

Marc Kasongo

Marc is our November 2017 Tutor of the Month!

We are proud to announce that Marc Kasongo is our Tutor of the Month for November! Marc is one of our newer tutors who has proven himself as an incredible asset to our team very quickly. He receives excellent feedback from all the clients he works with, and is currently in his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree at the University of Johannesburg. Marc is one of our tutors who are able to tutor Maths and the Sciences to Grade 8 – 12 level learners, as these are his specialty subjects. Thank you Marc for your dedication and commitment to our team and to your learners who look up to you!

Marc has the following to say about tutoring:

“I was a scholar at an IEB school where I managed to achieve 72% for Mathematics in Matric, and I would like to help high school learners achieve the same or even higher! I have over 100 hours of tutoring experience and in that time I have learnt to be patient, calm and reliable… The only vision I have for my students is success!”

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Project 10 000 – Making a Difference

My Experience Working as a BrightSparkz Project 10 000 Tutor

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of the BrightSparkz team, and Project 10 000 in particular. One of the things that I have learnt as a tutor is that professionalism is key. This includes everything from how I communicate with the clients to how I deliver the lesson plan and conduct myself. 

With every lesson that I have taught came learning for me too, and the most exciting part of tutoring is that what you have taught stays in your mind forever. It is important for me to not only be a tutor but create a tutor-friend atmosphere which makes the experience for the client a comfortable one. I have realized that we sometimes assume teacher characters that have so many barriers that inhibit the clients from interacting with us optimally, and breaking these barriers has been my goal. It is much easier for another person to interact with you when you present yourself as being accessible. 

There is no journey without challenges, and with that being said, being a tutor comes with challenges. In order to overcome them, one needs to perceive them as milestones instead of threats. Overcoming challenges such as students arriving late, lots of work to cover during short periods of time and lesson cancellations has helped to sharpen my patience and understanding of the different walks of life that clients are from. 

I’ve been tutoring a hard working Matric student, who I’ll call B here. B’s tutoring is sponsored through Project 10 000. Sponsored tutoring can bring its challenges – I initially tutored B at her school, but using that venue became problematic because it was not always available. We now work in a public library, with far fewer interruptions! B struggled with some topics in Mathematical Literacy, Geography and Life Sciences and she explained how she is often afraid to reach out to the teachers when she does not understand the work. This for me meant that I had to work extra hard at breaking the barriers that exist in  B’s learning journey. I did my best to build a friendly environment where she felt encouraged to try harder every time, believe in herself and feel free to make mistakes. After her mid-year examinations, she explained how she did not panic and felt confident when writing. Her marks and level of understanding also showed major improvements and that’s when I knew that the job was well done. I felt a sense of great achievement and satisfaction. What I appreciated the most is the level of commitment and willingness from both B and her humble mother. Overall, tutoring B helped me become a better tutor and a patient person. It was truly an amazing journey. 

Being part of this wonderful project – Project 10 000 – has more than anything helped strengthen my teaching and tutoring skills and has showed me that perseverance is indeed the mother of success. Knowledge is power only when shared to empower others. Project 10 000 is a great way to ensure that this empowerment is available all students, including those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to benefit from private tutoring.

To find out more about Project 10 000, visit the webpage

Written by Boitumelo Vena, BrightSparkz Project 10 000 Tutor

Why I Love Tutoring

If I had a dollar for every time someone had encouraged me to teach, well, I’d just have a dollar. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I admired my teachers throughout my schooling years; the good and the bad. There is always something you can learn from them, whether that be the content they taught in the classroom or the manner in which they handled themselves in tough or awkward situations. One can teach anywhere – it’s just a matter of creativity.

love tutoring

As a tutor, my job is to help a learner achieve their academic goals and guide them through their academic struggles. It truly is rewarding when you physically get to see how your efforts helped improve a learner’s mark on a test or report. The smile you get to see on your learner’s face as to how proud they are of themselves is really all the matters at the end of the day. I have learnt how to be myself through teaching. I don’t have to always know it all and be the ambassador of the subject. I love teaching because your learners want to feel as if you are both going through this journey together. You are helping them achieve something they want and the journey is much more important than the destination.

Teaching can be challenging, especially when it comes to motivating your learner. You see the potential they have, and they often hear about the potential they have, but they do not feel as though they’ve got what it takes. Living in such a busy and demanding time can often make us feel the time constraints on everything we do and we expect our learners to get things done and understood as fast as possible. Sometimes it’s okay to take a step back and sit with your learner to reflect on where they are emotionally, mentally and physically. Taking the time to help them stop what they’re doing and to spend a few moments to take a deep breath and talk about where they are in life can take away a tremendous amount of pressure from them. I find this exercise vital as it also gives me an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with my learners. It helps them see I am human just like them and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. I encourage my learners to take baby steps as they work toward big goals and the proof is in the pudding.

I love tutoring because I am given the opportunity to help children achieve their best and inspire them on a personal and academic level. It excites me to see how energetic a learner becomes as soon as they understand a topic they struggled with. The determination and enthusiasm that stirs within a child is heart-warming. I enjoy getting to know my learners and to learn about life from their perspective. It brings me such a sense of joy to gain insight into their views and opinions about life. I can confidently say that I have learnt as much from my learners as they have learnt from me. That is why I love tutoring.

Written by Neeza Ramiah, BrightSparkz Tutor